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My all-time favorite tv show is Gilmore Girls! I first watched this show in high school with my mom, and at the time I really related to the character of Rory. I was probably right around the age of 16, and was almost as much of a reader as Rory (“almost” because she is probably one of the most well-read characters of all time–is anyone as much of a reader as Rory?). And though I’m not an only child like Rory, I am the only daughter in my family. As a result, my mom and I also share a similar best friend dynamic as Rory and Lorelai.

Countless viewings later, I’m watching it as a 30-something with a baby girl of my own. I find myself relating more to the character of Lorelai! Not only am I closer in age now, but I’m a mom who has professional goals and aspirations in addition to her most important role as a mom. I feel like I’ve come full circle! (I just hope I don’t find myself relating to Emily in 30 years…)

There is so much to love about this show! The mother/daughter best friend dynamic. The quick and clever humor. The small town charm (don’t we all wish we had a Luke’s?). And (as a reader) the hundreds of book references!

You can find this list of 339 titles referenced in Gilmore Girls on many sites, but I’ve created a free download in case you want to print and stick on your fridge (like I did). How many of these books have you read so far?

And with that, here’s a link to your freebie so you can start reading like Rory!

The Gilmore Girls reading list
The Gilmore Girls reading list!

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