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How to Get Up and Work Out 

The Best Hostess Hacks for Parties

We Ate 19 Macarons So You Don't Have To

Where to Go on Your Next Girl's Trip

75 Instagram Captions for Disney Photos


Are you ready to share your magical photos on Instagram . . . but find yourself staring at white space instead of a cute caption? Then Hakuna Matata, my friend, because I’ve got you covered.

Gilmore Girls reading list

Gilmore Girls Reading List


My all-time favorite tv show is Gilmore Girls! I first watched this show in high school with my mom, and at the time I really related to the character of Rory. I was probably right around the age of 16, and was almost as much of a reader as Rory (“almost” because she is probably […]

50 Christmas Movies You’ll Love


I thought it would be fun to put together a list of 50 Christmas movies I think you’ll love! Did your favorite Christmas movie make my list?

10 Free (or Almost Free) Fall Activities!


These are some of my favorite free (or almost free) fall activities to enjoy this fall, and I hope you can enjoy them too!

Walt Disney World Cinderella well

How to get magical curls


As a travel planner for Disney, I share Disney content all the time. I love dressing up for Disney days. I put a little more time and effort into getting ready than normal because, well, it’s a special occasion!

Walt Disney World Fantasyland

The BEST Shoes for Disney Trips


12 (plus) hour days on your feet is a lot, which is why I want to share with you the BEST shoes For Disney trips!

Magic Kingdom Quick Service Must-Eats


Magic Kingdom is truly the most magical place on earth, and I can’t wait to share my favorite Magic Kingdom Quick Service Must-Eats!

25 Fun Flicks for Halloween Time


I love watching fun (usually cheesy!) movies during the fall season. Here’s my not-so-scary list of 25 Fun Flicks for Halloween Time!

30 Lessons I Learned by my 30th Birthday


This 1991 baby turned 30 on September 12th, 2021! As I reflect on my life so far, there are a few things I learned along the way, and I want to share these 30 lessons I learned with you.

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle

What’s new over at Hillary Ever After


Hello, friend! I hope your summer has been filled with sun and fun and things that make your heart happy. I’ve been working on this and that (as you may have noticed if you follow me on the ‘gram), and I wanted to do a summer update on what’s new in my little corner of […]

Brush Cleaner for your makeup


Did you know that you can clean your makeup brushes? You can purchase a brush cleaner, but I like to make my own. It’s super easy!


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