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Whether you are a working professional, mama, blogger, student, or anything really, productivity is a must-have skill! Sometimes all you need is a productivity hack that’s easy to implement and will make a huge impact on your day.

Productivity Hack #1: Time Blocking

Time blocking is basically breaking up your day into sections or “blocks” of time and assigning specific tasks and projects to those sections.

It’s as simple (and profound) as that.

In his book Business Made Simple, Donald Miller says, “Blocking my time in advance allows me to say no to distractions because, well, I’m already booked. There is somewhere I have to be and something I need to do well in advance of that day getting started.”

Time blocking adds both structure and freedom to your calendar. The structure comes from creating sections for your day. The freedom comes from choosing what you do with the time within those sections.

Use these blocks to prioritize the tasks that matter most for that particular day. Donald Miller calls these “primary tasks.”

If possible, prioritize your primary tasks on your to-do list early in the day. Two of my primary tasks are working out and writing. I tackle these tasks first thing in the morning. No matter what the rest of my day looks like, I am successful because I prioritized my primary tasks for the day. It feels great!

Productivity Hack #2: Task Batching

Task batching goes hand-in-hand with time blocking. Batching is simply focusing on the same task for a concentrated amount of time to produce better results.

For example, if I create time blocks for writing every morning, I could assign one of those blocks solely to writing blog posts. Instead of writing one blog post per week, I could dedicate one morning a month to writing four blog posts. That’s one month of content created in a single sitting.

Instead of jumping from one thing to the next, consider the tasks that can be batchedplanning social media content, designing graphics, responding to emails.

Focusing on one task for a block of time will help you be more efficient and more productive. So, let’s get to some blocking and batching!

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